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Sue will be absent from the practices for three weeks during February 2018 since she will be heading to India  on her 11th trip with aid group EQUAL HEALTH.

The EQUAL HEALTH Optical team conducts basic eye tests and supplies free new glasses and also facilitates cataract surgery for people who are blind or significantly visually impaired. For the EQUAL HEALTH team, it’s a very busy but extremely rewarding experience. This time the team will be based in Trichy in southern India, inland and south of Chennai, and a few days will be spent on the coast at a town called Poompuhar – this is in an area that was ravaged by a severe cyclone in 2012, so the services of the EQUAL HEALTH Optical team will no doubt be in high demand.


At STRACHAN EYECARE we are dedicated to providing excellence in all our levels of service, which means being ‘early adopters’ of latest technology. As such, we have recently installed a state-of-the-art OPTOS wide field retinal camera at our Blackburn practice.
The OPTOS will enable us to pick up defects in the peripheral retina before they become a visual problem, and it will be particularly valuable in assessing patients who present with flashes and floaters that could be symptoms of a serious condition such as a retinal hole or detachment.

Optos image

The incredibly successful Air Optix soft contact lenses have recently  been released in a beautiful range of COLORS, some designed to enhance your eyes natural colour, and some in bold shades to give you a completely new look! We have trials in stock now so call in if you would like to see if these exciting new contact lenses are suitable for you. IMG_6079

STRACHAN EYECARE have recently become stockists of the iconic TOM FORD eyewear – Tom Ford  optical frames  focus on meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Offering a collection of sophisticated styles for men and women, Ford brings his trademark clean lines and sensuality to a sleek signature eyewear collection characterized by luxury and singularity.

Using the finest combination of materials; rich acetates and metals receive exclusive treatments creating stylized finishes and textures producing beautiful frames of the highest quality. Slender plaques discreetly bear the Tom Ford logo. A signature design element and a symbol of the collection is an elegant metal T shape set flush into the temple of many of the styles.

Other recent additions to our frame lines at STRACHAN EYECARE are LA FONT  and JOULES eyewear.
LA FONT are a beautiful boutique range of frames that are all HANDMADE in France, whilst JOULES are designed by the same team who are responsible for the extremely popular TED BAKER frames.

We are also now stocking the ONYX range of prescriptable sunglasses – all very stylish, giving full UV protection and priced at a very affordable $199 complete with single vision PRESCRIPTION POLARISED  tinted lenses plus frame!

And for those of us who only need to wear reading glasses, we now also stock ‘CLIC GLASSES’. This range is unique in that the temples are joined in one long loop, designed to hang around the back of the neck, and the frame front is actually in two halves that connect by magnets at the bridge of the nose! This is handy for those that like to carry their glasses with them, and avoids wearing them on top of the head! These frames come in stock plus powers but are also fully prescriptable.

At Strachan Eyecare Plus we have glasses to suit all lifestyles including
our great value ‘package glasses’ starting at $129 or 2 pairs for $199,
all of course with our renowned quality and service.

 Our  ‘KOOL KIDS’ packages start at $199 for 2 pairs,
Great peace of mind for parents!